“I’M OK” by Marcantonio. Edition of 500, handmade in Italy

First in the series of KASC™ Project collaborations with world artists and charitable causes.

Tell me more about “I’M OK”

A feat of craftsmanship and engineering, this message in a bottle is another in a long line of eye-catching and playful works from one of Italy’s most iconic designer/artists, Marcantonio. Designed and handcrafted in Italy, the small sculptural figure of the artist encased in glass—yet still raising a life-sized thumbs-up to the world—a totem of 2020, staying positive, even in confinement, encapsulating what we lived through individually and collectively as society.
Composed of glass, resin and stainless steel, each piece arrives in a decorative wooden case, with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and custom-designed handling gloves. Only 500 pieces will be sold.

What are KASC™ and KASC™ Project?

KASC™ is a new concept from Kinahan’s, innovators in Irish whiskey. While KASC™ itself is a bold experiment in whiskey-making using hybrid casks, KASC™ Project is a hybrid art, cultural and social endeavour. Pure emotion distilled into tangible form, each edition of the KASC™ Project is aimed at sparking lively conversations and inspiring change.

What do you mean, “hybrid”?

Celebrating iconoclasts in the worlds of whiskey, art and social change, the KASC™ Project is as much a hybrid as its namesake whiskey, aged in multi-wood hybrid casks. This hybrid identity blends provocative art, clever design, and worthwhile charitable causes—creating unique, limited-edition objects with a value far beyond the physical.

How does this benefit charity?

Profits from the sale of "I’M OK” benefit Food for Soul, a non-profit organization that operates and supports community spaces for the most vulnerable members of the community in multiple countries, creates opportunities for social mobility, and advocates for equitable food ecosystems which tackle food waste.

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